5 reasons why you should get your boyfriend a sex toy

Yeah, you read that right. Men also enjoy using sex accessories, and they’d appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting them one. Come to think of it – if you enjoy using sex toys don’t you think your partner will also want to have a feel of it?

However, before heading off to the nearest adult store or visiting a colt sex toys store online, it’s essential you consider whether you’d be comfortable with the idea of your boyfriend using a sex toy, and you’d also want to be sure he will love it. But, if you’re kind of on the fence – between wanting to get it and worried – then here are some reasons why you certainly need to gift your significant other a sex toy.

It brings variety and excitement to your sex life

All of us want excitement; whether it’s a break from our daily routine or in the bedroom – we desire something that will disrupt the monotonous life we are used to – what better way is there to introduce some fun and spark into your sex life than bringing in sex accessories into the play.

The new sex toy allows you to experiment with various rhythms, styles and positions, you’d an opportunity to explore yours and partner’s darker side and may even end up with new aspects of sex you’d never found otherwise.

It helps him last longer

It’s quite frustrating not to get satisfied after getting excited and ready for some serious humping, and your partner just comes too soon. You can avoid that with some sex toys designed specially to help your man develop more stamina.

So, next time you are shopping for your love gadgets, you can sneak in a colts sex toy for your man.

It helps mutual masturbation

What’s hotter than watching your boyfriend touching himself while you watch? It could act as the precursor to a hot night of intense loving. Imagine getting one of those transparent, glassy sex toys, and watch as he penetrates inside of it. Very hot and super sexy.

It makes him a better lover

Isn’t that what you want from your man – to pay closer attention to your body, follow your lead, and give you mind-blowing orgasms? Well, the truth is men who use sex toys are more likely to be in tune with their bodies, and this can translate to also wanting to provide same satisfaction to their partner.

There are times when you might not be available for him

This is inevitable; there would be days when you’re out of sorts with yourself or perhaps traveled out of town on a business trip – what’s he to do when he’s feeling like getting laid? Use his hands? Of course, but you can make it a lot enjoyable by getting him a sex toy.

Choosing the right toy

There are varieties of sex toys on the market today designed to cater for men – so it’s going to take quite some thinking to get a suitable one for him.

Determine what he wants

You need not do a lot of thinking here, a straight-up asking of what sex toy he prefers will do. A cock ring is just fine if he’d prefer some toys during sex or maybe he wants something to masturbate with then you can go for a sleeve

Though it gets somewhat tricky if you intend giving him the sex toy as a surprise gift, so in this case, you’d have to guess what your man would appreciate.

Know what size to get

There are plenty of toys on the market that are one-size-fits-all, and there are others that come in different sizes. So knowing your partner’s penis size will help you choose a sex toy that fits him perfectly while also providing a firm grip when he is using it.

Head over to a reliable store

To be sure you’re getting your money’s worth a visit to reputable shop whether online or offline will put your mind at rest that you’re getting something of excellent quality.

You’d also have the assurance that the materials used for the products are safe since these shops will be carrying products from trusted brands.

Wrapping it all up

Deciding to get a sex toy for your boyfriend or partner could be the most crucial step in bringing back the fire and spice to your sex life. Sure, it can be a tad daunting, but with a little research and open communication with your partner, you will be just fine.