8 Tips to Achieve Better Orgasm for Men

Are you struggling to achieve a great orgasm? Some men may not feel confident enough to discuss this issue with their partners. If you’re among them, this blog reveals 8 major tips that will take your orgasm to the next level.

1.Feel Your Taint

You must be wondering what is a taint, right? It’s a thin layer of skin between your butt and your balls that is highly sensitive because it has a lot of nerve endings. Sensation in this region can take you to a new world of pleasure. In fact, when you’re intimate with a partner, ask her to caress this area to feel the difference. Young escorts in Toronto can touch your taint, but, when you’re all by yourself start with touching your taint.

2. Include Kegel Exercises

Don’t forget to add Kegel exercises to your workout regime. Although this exercise is commonly known to work for women, men can also do the same according to sex therapist, Alex Robboy. This is a simple exercise that involves contracting the pelvic muscles which intensifies the region during sex. Robboy states that to work out this area, use your pelvic muscle to lift your penis up and down.

3. Alter Your Diet

Eating healthy is necessary to live a healthy life and to also achieve a good orgasm. Include green vegetables such as spinach, kale, cabbage, and bok choy, which are all known to improve your reproductive system. These vegetables widen blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood to the genitals. In addition, eggs are rich in Vitamin B, which is healthy for your libido. Whole grains and oats also enhance testosterone, contributing to a stronger orgasm.

4. Slow Down and Hold

Whenever you feel you’re about to cum, instead of letting it fall so easily, hold back. Come to the edge of your orgasm, pause and then start stroking again. Do these two to three times before actually letting your orgasm go. This delay will lead to a more powerful one later.

5. Look for Your G-spot

Did you know men have a G-spot? Yes, it’s your prostate. It’s a small, nut-sized lump, extremely sensitive in nature and perfect for arousing you. You or your partner can feel your G-spot by applying light pressure to this area or by inserting your fingers inside your butt. With proper fingering or thrusting, you will have great orgasm.

6. Stroke Your Balls

Your testicles need pampering when you’re about to ejaculate. If you gently press your sack upward before you reach climax, it will arouse you more. If you are receiving oral sex from your partner, ask her to use her hands to help amplify your stimulation and intensify your orgasm.

7. Focus on You

Don’t lose your focus while having sex. Concentrate on yourself and appreciate the beauty of who you’re sleeping with or fantasize about your favourite porn star. This will make your body experience an amazing orgasm.

8. Breathe

Whether you are masturbating or being intimate with your partner, keep breathing with every stroke. This will ensure a healthy blood flow to your genitals leading to a stronger climax.

Try the above-listed tips to experience an intense orgasm and feel great about yourself! L A little change in your eating habit and a few exercises will do the trick. Have a good time!