Anal sex: what you need to know

anal sexAnal sex is clearly one of the tabooest sexual practices. According to a US study conducted in 2014, nearly one in two women say they have already practiced sodomy, at least once during their sexual experiences. Before you take the plunge, read carefully everything you need to know about anal sex.

Ideas about sodomy

When we talk about anal sex, we think first and foremost about sodomy, which suffers from many misconceptions. We often hear that it hurts, that it is dirty and degrading. Regarding sodomy-related pain, it should be noted that from a physiological point of view, the anus is not designed for penetration. The act can be painful if it is not practiced in good conditions. It is essential to feel like it and to have fun. Since the brain is well done, the pain can quickly turn into pleasure if you are particularly excited. The point on hygiene is very important. For many people, sodomy is dirty because related to the anus and thus to feces. Some women have chosen to “play the game”, being completely comfortable and confident with their partner. And too bad if there is some inconvenience. Others like to practice sodomy, but in optimal conditions. It is important not to have eaten too much before, to have empty intestines to the maximum and to take a shower before intimacy. For the sake of hygiene, it is also possible to use an enema pear to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Tips for successful sodomy

sarah jane analSodomy can be a source of incomparable pleasure, provided that it is practiced in good conditions. The motto is gentleness. Your partner should not be insistent or abrupt, at the risk of really hurting you. Some women even have orgasms with anal penetration. The anal sphincter is one of the most erogenous areas of the body. Do not hesitate to use lubricant to facilitate penetration. But do not opt for a heating gel or with particular tastes, to avoid any problem of irritation. There are many ideal positions for anal sex. One of the most popular positions is to sit astride your lover, back to him. The position of the spoon is intimate, sexy and all appropriate for the first few times. The doggie also knows a lot of followers because it has many advantages. Your partner will be able to caress you the breasts and the clitoris to give you more pleasure.

Precautions to take

Before anal sex, it is important to take precautions. The first concerns the mandatory wearing of condoms. Sodomy can transmit many infections, sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS. Penetration should never be brutal, as it may cause shortages or bleeding. It should also avoid going from anal penetration to vaginal penetration. There is a high risk of vaginal infection because of the germs in the rectum. After an anal report, some women are prone to some inconvenience, such as flatulence, bloating, or having a strong urge to go to the bathroom. In any case, it is essential to feel comfortable with your partner, at the risk of bad life after anal sex.

Other anal sex practices

In anal sex, it’s not just sodomy. For a smooth start, there are anal caresses, ideal to discover. They are a great way to find out if you feel comfortable and want to go further. Regarding pain, do not be afraid. As long as the caresses are lavishly lavished, there is no reason to be hurt. Some couples opt for the use of sex toys, to discover the sensations caused by the stimulation of this intimate area. There is also analdigitus, which is the penetration of the fingers inside the anus. Another practice is the rimming (or rose flower), or anal cunnilingus. Many people reach orgasm with this practice. It does not cause any pain, but you can feel a real embarrassment as this act is delicate and immodest. It takes a total letting go to appreciate. Remember that hygiene is absolutely essential with a mandatory shower.