Essential Options for the Proper Escorts Now

To escorts, women, selling their bodies, there is a contradictory attitude in society. In the high offices, there are solid men who are fighting this negative phenomenon with all their might, and after a day’s work. They want to get to the escort as quickly as possible! So men are arranged if the financial condition allows, the possession of another woman, except for the wife, is welcomed, especially if the spouse does not satisfy the sexually male.

What to do? Learn from anescort! Well, of course, not for the street, but for the high-paid, which has its customers? So what can you learn from anescort?

Observe her manner of dressing. You will catch yourself thinking that she dresses elegantly and sexually at the same time. From the female point of view, the style of such clothes – catchy and sexual, causes contradictory feelings in women. But the escort tries not to show off before women, she tries to attract the attention of men! Bring a bit of eroticism into your style of dressing – emphasize the deep cleavage of the beauty of your bust, if you need to do without a bra, do not wear it sometimes. Avoid wearing shapeless outfits, dress yourself in everything fitting. Let the narrow pants or jeans fit your ass, and even the labia! Shoes must be elegant, high-heeled. Proper Escorts Amsterdam service is here now.

In your arsenal must be beautiful underwear and sexy stockings and the most important thing. Borrow from anescort her manner of having sex, and then, it is very possible, she will have fewer customers for one. Anescort is always in great shape and ready to make love at any time.

Hairstyle, manicure, haircut in the intimate zone

All this should be well-groomed and look impeccable. Be ready, whenever possible, to have sex at any time. Men who want sex will not pay attention to the shortcomings of your figure. It is important for him to master you, undressed and ready for love.

So do not think during sex about your shortcomings, concentrate only on sex. The technique of sex should be simply irreproachable; you should know all possible poses. Do not give up blowjob, remember, if you refuse, there will be others who will happily make your man a blowjob. Men like lecherous women; you should not be embarrassed by his semen flowing down your face or lips.

If the sperm is in your mouth, try not to spit it out with such a kind of feeling that it will throw you out right now. If you cannot swallow, spit on his sperm directly, spreading it with passion over your body. Try not to deny anything in any man, and you will see that you will like what he offers you to do, write sex-news.

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The Understanding of Escorts

For many, the word “escort” is associated with elite escort, expensive cars and long-legged beauty models, which rich owners of large companies take with them to social events as a pleasant company. The lion’s share of truth in this is: America and Western European countries have long practiced this kind of services, creating special agencies. The work is considered prestigious, and getting into an escort abroad is not so easy. In our country, the reputation of this business is directly opposite and sharply negative, so it began to speak not so long ago.

In here, the terms “prostitution”, “girls on call” or “work in saunas and” houses of love “became synonyms for the word” escort “. This escort in most cases provides a model agency, with casting not as tough as, for example, in Europe: not only long-legged beauties with ideal parameters can get a job, but also women far from the podium standards. After all, men have different views on women’s beauty, besides, many feel uncomfortable in the company of the model ideal. The article provides detailed and valuable information about escort services, including tips and impressions of girls who have plunged into this profession.

But first, let’s try to figure out who he is a classic escort client?

Who Needs All This?

The main stereotype of this work is the confidence of girls that only elderly rich foreigners can be customers. In part, this is true: almost half of the elderly men who come to Russia from abroad are indeed the client base of the escort agencies, but the rest of the contingent falls into the category of “children of rich parents” or just young wealthy people.

There is a strict rule in escort business: a minor client and model will never meet, since the first will simply not be rendered a service because of a young age, and the girl will not yet be accepted for such work. Often, the agency addresses businessmen who need a sweet lady to accompany them at a business meeting. The requests are fundamentally different: one needs a smart, business-like beauty, versed in stock quotes and marketing, capable of supporting the conversation and enchant partners and competitors, and another – just a pretty doll-foolish, who will smile alongside all evening, shining with beauty. This suggests that almost any girl is needed in the escort service.