Happy Ending Massage Experience

Prostitution is banned in the 1950’s; some good looking girls used to work in a massage parlour to provide a Happy Ending Massage. Although the girls in the massage parlour are respected nowadays, there are still some Happy Ending Massage in Delhi working legally or illegally.

Happy Ending is a type of massage that eventually finishes with a sexual contact. In this, the clients are satisfied with a hand-job with an orgasm. The clients in these parlours can be both male and female and the service is provided as per convenience. Although the service is for both genders, the customers are usually male. These are illegal at many spas, but some legitimate hotels offer a Happy Ending Massage in Vegas.

One of my experiences in such spa began with an ordinary spa booking. I visited a regular spa for a standard massage. I had a female masseuse to massage my broken body. She rubbed her gentle hands against my body and slowly came up. The girl was like a fantasy with an excellent body language. As she was continuing, my towel just slipped off making me naked. She smiled a bit and kept the massage. I felt a bit embarrassed at the start, but later I started enjoying.

She started touching my stomach and slowly began towards my booner. She started rubbing the balls and asked for a hand job. By seeing her figure, I wasn’t able to deny. She started rubbing the balls and removed her clothes. Her body was very soft and without any rashes on it. She gave me a perfect handjob, and this was probably the best hand job with the prettiest girl the money could ever buy. I felt like on seventh heaven. She later cleaned me up and then started playing with my head and neck and wrapped me up in a hot towel. This experience was seriously amazing.

Later I gave her a tip of $20 and appreciated her massage. This was probably the best experience ever faced by me.

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