How to Impress an Escort to get Great Value

So, how and why would you want to impress an escort? There’s an element of pride in all guys that naturally wants to impress a lady and the feel-good factor that comes from this.

But why would some people want to impress an escort when potentially they are booking an escort in order to just have an easy time with no stress or pressure?

There are reasons why it’s great to look after and impress escorts and some are potentially more rewarding than others, depending on your motivation of course.

Impressing an escort can take many forms and gestures but it can be highly rewarding and who wouldn’t want to be treated by some amazing girls as beautiful as these, see example here.

Starting with a simple box of chocolates or a glass of wine when you meet your lady friend, doing something a little out of the ordinary may well begin to impress your escort. What does this achieve though? Well in exactly the same way as impressing any lady, impressing an escort will bring you rewards. If that’s your motivation.

Manners Cost Nothing With Escorts

One thing that we know really annoys escorts is a lack of manners, which in turn can be read as a lack of respect. Manners, as they say, cost nothing and what better way to impress an escort is through using a little old-fashioned courtesy and manners.

The basics mean a lot to most people. A polite please and thank you, as well as opening doors and pulling out her chair ready for her as your escort sits down.

Some people consider these to be very old fashioned but we guarantee that if you start to employ some of these activities the next time that you are seeing an escort then she will be very impressed.

So, apart from the obvious feelgood factor, what will you gain from using good manners and being polite.

Escorts are just normal people from normal backgrounds and of course, just like anyone else they want to feel special. There will be an element of nerves connected with their work. Think about it, meeting new people all day every day can potentially be a daunting experience for an escort.

So, when she finally meets someone with a little charm and manners then that person is certainly going to stand out amongst the crowd. Your escort will feel more relaxed and comfortable with you and most importantly she will feel appreciated and special. Great start as it has cost you nothing.

There then potentially comes payback time for you (let’s be honest) quite minimal efforts to treat your escort well. She may offer to hold your hand, kiss and caress a little more than maybe you expected her to. Or she may give you a little treat that you were not expecting. For sure your chances of this are so much higher if you have been polite and friendly towards your escort.

Just imagine the opposite scenario for a second also. Your escort arrives and you are in a foul mood. You don’t even ask her name let alone offer her a drink. Great start she will think. Then you bark your orders for her to sit down and get ready. Wow, just put yourself in her position for a few minutes, how would you feel? And all that coming after a bad day for her already. Let’s be honest, she is going to want to get out of there as quickly as possible. And who would blame the escort?

So, the next time you are considering booking the services of an escort, young or mature, maybe take a little time out to consider her thoughts and feelings also. We know what escorts like, after all we talk to escorts on a daily basis, arrogance and bad manners are very high on the list of undesirables we can assure you. Taking just a little more effort and care with your manners, and turning on the charm factor will pay you back handsomely.

Escorts are just ladies with a different profession. Many escorts choose to do this for a living and many of them really enjoy their work. Make sure that you both have an experience to remember. Manners makes the man as they say.