How To Keep The Spark Alive In A Marriage For Life

You may be reminiscing about when you were happy with your wife alone during the first few years of marriage. Now she is a mom, not the same anymore.

Look at the marriage photos of your parents who have just crossed three decades of wedding anniversary and wonder how. Remember, you are not alone. It is tough to find the right one but a tougher job to keep the spark alive.

You may want to buy her flowers, but she may expect you to buy an electric water kettle. So, what should you do? Has your relationship hit rock bottom? Check out these tips to keep the spark up and back in your relationship.

Take Time Out 

Talk to your wife, and hire a babysitter for your kid at least one day a week. You may ask your parents to also babysit for you for the night. Take your wife out on a romantic dinner, or go for a movie or drive around. This time you can spend just for yourselves. Then, you will realize how happy you are in her company.

Embrace Change 

Now your little one has come to this world. It is your responsibility as much as your wife’s. So, be ready for the changes to happen in life. If the little one keeps playing or staying awake at night, do not expect your wife to sleep or give in to your physical demands then.

Make the changes to suit her physical and emotional turmoil. As someone going through postpartum, be ready to accept the same. Be free to love her unconditionally, and that should be a great positive note that she will appreciate.

Cherish Your Alone Time 

Give a break to your wife one day a week or a month. Urge her to go out with her friends or perhaps to let her do things her way. She may go for a spa session and go shopping. Let her be. In the same way, go out with your friends fishing or watch a game. This mutual respect is the basis for keeping the spark alive for sure. When you get this break from each other, you will find yourself relishing your time together more.

Be More Expressive 

Nothing works better than open communication. You may have noticed that you only talk to him about the baby or parents and EMIs. It is wrong, to begin with, and of course, necessary but not the beginning and end of all. Start talking and communicating about your love for him as much as you expect his appreciation.

Go Shopping Together 

You may want to check the store for the top 10 mixer grinder options for the home. So, don’t go alone. Ask him to join you. It will give him space to pitch his suggestion and give you time together.

A marital relationship can reflect what you put in it. If you neglect, you will notice the relationship fall apart. So, take time to understand each other and live one day at a time.