How to Stay Satisfied in Bed with Your Significant Other

Having a drunken night out and ending up with a random person in your bed could be fun and exciting, but many times we can hardly remember what actually transpired in the night. Most of the excitement from a one night stand is from the spontaneity of the whole affair. However, there are many risks associated with one night stands, such as contracting a sexually transmitted disease or an unplanned pregnancy. For these reasons, and many others, more people are finding an exclusive or long-term relationship better suited for their needs. Even though monogamous relationships can be emotionally fulfilling, many people start to become sexually unsatisfied with their significant other. It has been said that the seven year mark is when most marriages or monogamous relationships begin to fall apart due to one or both of the partners being unsatisfied sexually. This article explores way to keep both yourself and your significant other satisfied sexually.


Statistics have shown that predictability is the number one reason most people become bored at almost anything. If your sexual habits have become predictable with your partner, then you’re already in trouble. When sex becomes routine, then it immediately becomes undesirable. Many couples state this being a reason for infidelity or a sexless relationship. Bringing spontaneity back into the bedroom is not as hard as it would seem. One easy way of bringing it back is to take a break from having sex. When we know we can’t have something it makes us want it even more. It’s even more fun if you make a bet out of it. See who can resist the temptation the longest, but always set a limit. You don’t want to go for months without sex. Typically, a two week period works the best. During the break, make sure to tease and attempt to arouse your significant other. Built up sexual tension leads to explosive sex.

Sex Games and Toys

Many couples have improved their sex lives by adding an element of fun through a sexual game or toy. Role playing games can be a chance for both you and your partner explore some of your deeper sexual desires. Make sure to establish a safe word whenever engaging in any sexual game. A safe word can be any uncommonly used word in bed that both you and your partner choose, such as pineapple or dictionary. Whenever the safe word is spoken, everything must stop to ensure that no one gets hurt.

Couples have also found sex toys a fun way to spice things up in bed. Make a trip to an adult store with your significant other to pick out a toy that both of you can enjoy. Some women also get pleasure in watching their partner pleasuring himself. Make sure to check out these sex toys for men, whether it’s for yourself or a naughty gift for your partner. Sex games and toys are a fun and safe way to drastically change the dynamics of your sex life.

Being in a monogamous relationship does not need to be boring or predictable. Changing your habits and introducing new things or ideas into the bedroom can make your relationship as exciting as the beginning.