Must Try Sex Positions

Do you want to know the best sex positions for you? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll outline some of the most popular and successful sex positions that will get you excited and help you reach orgasm easier. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lover, these positions are sure to please you once you find sex in Zug. So let’s get started!

1. Cowgirl position: The Cowgirl position is one of the most popular and effective sex positions because it allows for deep penetration and gives you plenty of control.

To get into the cowgirl position, girls need to be on top. If you are a girl, you can either straddle him or sit on top of him with your legs spread wide apart. Next, you’ll need to guide his penis towards your vagina using your hands. Once it’s inside, you’ll need to start moving your hips in a circular motion to create pleasure for both of you.

2. Missionary position: This is the classic sex position, and it’s a great way to get started because it’s comfortable and easy to do. You lie flat on your back with your partner on top of you. He or she moves up and down, creating a sexual rhythm that will get both of you excited.

3. Reverse cowgirl position: When it comes to must-try sex positions, the reverse cowgirl position is definitely at the top of the list. This position is often called the “G-spot” position because it can stimulate your G-spot, which is located between your lady parts and your anus.

To do this position, you will need to lie down on your back on the bed with your legs spread wide apart. Then, have your partner climb onto the top of you and position himself so that his penis is positioned directly above your G-spot. When he starts thrusting, you will feel a pleasurable sensation that will quickly intensify into an orgasmic experience.

4. Standing 69 position: If you’re looking for an intense and passionate experience, then you should try the standing 69 position. This is a unique way to have sex that allows both partners to be in the same spot at the same time. It’s best done on a raised surface like a bed or bench so that your partner has more height advantage.

Once you’re in position, your partner can start by passionately kissing you and caressing your body. They can then move down to your chest and nipples, playing with them until you become aroused. From there, they can slowly guide their penis inside of you while simultaneously moving their hips up and down. This will create an amazing feeling of deep penetration that will have both of you moaning and wanting more!


Going through the list, aren’t you impressed with how many different positions you can try? Well, now it’s time to get ready and start experimenting. Try each one of them on your partner and see how things go. Though there are some that might be hard for newbies to do, we have listed a few that are simple enough for everyone! Besides, having sex in all these positions will boost your love life by multiple levels!