Secrets for a perfect oral

No one denies that sex, even if a boring one, is pleasurable. But far beyond penetration there are a multitude of things to explore in bed that will drive your partner crazy.

There are those who even prefer oral sex over intercourse. The movement of the mouth and tongue coming into contact with the genitals, seeing the person writhing with pleasure … And when the perfect oral sex happens, ecstasy is inevitable.

Advantages of the practice

In addition to escaping from routine, oral sex provides more pleasure and orgasms. Both men and women love to be caressed in this way. Indeed, the term is no longer even used to refer to foreplay, because for many, it is only with practice that it is possible to reach the pinnacle of pleasure.

This pleasurable activity also helps to reduce stress and consequently increases happiness. Studies show that it also improves the quality of sleep and prevents heart disease through the release of adrenaline. With this sexual practice, it can also enhance erections and strengthen the bond of intimacy between partners.

Taking into account the countless benefits, Skokka revealed some tips to make this moment a success. Together with the hottest Gold Coast escorts, it will be possible to discover how to do it wonderfully and leave the partner asking for more.

Take it easy

Calm is the key word. Movements should start gentle and increase as the temperature rises. Suddenly stopping in one movement, whether fast or slow, causes a loss of some of the magic.

Apply pressure

Men love to feel their member all over their partner. Whether it’s in the mouth or with the hands, a little pressure makes them feel it intensely.

Make eye contact

There is nothing more exciting than eye contact while making love. In oral sex, it’s no different, especially when the woman is bent over and has a full, upward view of the member.

Explore the whole body

While performing oral sex, the hands can and should also explore other areas of the body. In addition to the penis, men have other erogenous zones, such as the ears, scrotum and perineum. For more liberal couples, even the anus, because the prostate is just below the perineum and is known as the male G-spot.


Find a comfortable position to do it, if necessary, pillows can be placed under the knees. The more comfortable it is, the more time and attention will be devoted to the practice.

A good tip is to sit on the bed while the partner stands in front of you. This will keep both comfortable and allow each other to continue exchanging warm glances.


Use the tongue to stroke the head of the penis and then swallow as much of the male organ as possible. Caress the “body” of the penis with an up-and-down motion. Bite lightly, play with the fingers… and kiss on the thigh or groin.

Listen and watch

Body language is very important. The hot Birmingham escorts recommend listening to the moans of the partner and observing their pleasure. This can be a great thermometer of whether it’s going well or if it needs to be adjusted. If the partner isn’t very expressive and it is hard to tell if they are enjoying it, it’s worth subtly asking to check satisfaction.


There can never be too much saliva when it comes to oral sex. Get him wet so you can move more easily and drive him crazy.

Go for 69

The old technique is a complete option where both partners feel pleasure. Giving and receiving at the same time, coordinating movements, it can be an even shorter way to climax.

Make it fun for yourself too

It is essential that you also feel good and take advantage of it, after all the ultimate goal would be for both of you to enjoy and find ways to stimulate pleasure.

Always be honest

One of the biggest complaints from people who don’t enjoy oral sex is that their partner does it as an “obligation” and not because they enjoy it and want to give pleasure. Don’t force the issue and, if necessary, talk to the person you’re with about other ways to keep doing it.

Oral sex is good for health, releases pleasure and happiness hormones and makes people happier. Don’t rush, respect the limits of everyone involved and discover all the nuances of this activity. In the end, it is easy to do, burns calories, warms the moment and provokes orgasms. It also reduces the risk of heart disease. The benefits of this practice are innumerable as foretold for years by the Kiwi escorts in Skokka, so now it is time to get down to work and enjoy it!