Ever heard of shadow banning? Neither had I until a few weeks ago. It is what happens when Twitter decides that although what you are saying and the way you are saying it is entirely within community guidelines and their terms of business, they do not like your job. So they ban you. Does it happen to Nazis who work in an abattoir despatching animals and post photos of it? Nope. How about Islamic State or Al Qaeda in The Arabian Peninsula posting photos of rape and be headings? Sure, no problem carry on as normal until The Daily Mail complains. But a sex worker posting fully dressed photos of herself and her pet dog while admitting what she does for a living? Suspend her account and make it hard for her to open a new one. She is the anti Christ and must be stopped! Jeez… So here is a run down of the main social media platforms.

Twitter – they hate all sex workers. It does not matter whether you are an escort in New York (where sex work is illegal) or a Geneva escort (which is totally legal). Sex work accounts are quite likely to get taken down, or suspended and shadow banned. While your Twitter feed will be full of the most astonishing disgusting filth that makes a seasoned sex worker and dominatrix retch on occasion. But that is OK for some reason.

Instagram – you can tell people what you do, but just do not dare to show a nipple you filthy whore. Meanwhile, lots of guys accounts have dick pics as their icons. And you will get ten dick pics a day via direct messaging. But that is OK because, you know, it is just boys being boys. They are not filthy sluts.

Tumblr – The home of shagging, fisting, gay porn, cum shots and anything and everything else. And you can use your Tumblr site to promote guns, nazism, racism, anti-semitism, violence to women. But do not you dare promote pleasure between consenting adults. That is immoral, sick, wrong and you will be banned for being a filthy sex worker. America has come so far since Salem, thank the Lord.