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Do girls enjoy anal sex?

For some girls, anal action is pretty much the ultimate sexual experience or the cherry on the top. It makes the experience even more exciting and delicious in a special way. Even so, it is important to note that some ladies do not roll that way. While some girls enjoy engaging in anal sex escapades, others only like to keep it strictly vaginal.

Thankfully, our A-level escorts admit that they can never get enough of anal. In fact, most of the anal escorts London listed on our Perslu page become euphoric whenever they get the opportunity to meet the gentlemen who love it the same way they do. They claim that it feels different when compared to regular sex because the penis slides in much deeper.

Most of these girls even climax and orgasm through A-level sex alone. While some women will never agree to it, others simply cannot live without anal sex. Men, on the other hand, love it and this why most seek out A-level escorts willing to engage in it for the mind-blowing pleasure.

Reasons Why Men Love Engaging In Anal Sex

For men, anal sex is the holy grail of the bedroom experience. It is for this very reason that our anal escorts London are some of the most highly sought after. Here are more reasons why guys are so much into anal sex.

It feels different from vaginal sex

The sensation is completely different when you compare the experience to vaginal entry. The fact that it is tighter in the butt hole, means men cum quicker and more intensely.

Not every man has had the opportunity to try it, kind of like climbing Mount Everest

It does not matter how many people you previously slept with, you definitely never had anal sex will all your sexual partners. So, it would be nice to think of the vagina as the club while the butt hole is the VIP area. For the men who’ll later compare notes, those who have ever experienced A-level sex will often feel they have an edge over those who haven’t. This pushes more and more men to desire anal sex even more simply out of curiosity.

Its considered a taboo without necessarily being weird

While anal sex is considered a taboo in many cultures, it feels naughty at the same time and raunchy without necessarily being wayward.

Steps to Take To Ensure You Both Enjoy the Experience

When you rush anal sex, you can bet she won’t enjoy it. Therefore, before you hit her back door, you both need to unwind and relax fully before the actual performance. No matter where you choose to meet the elite escorts London; whether at your hotel or at her apartment, it is important that you break the ice by knowing each other to help her relax. Begin with a bit of foreplay or vaginal sex. The more relaxed and aroused she is, then the more her sphincter muscle will relax. As a result, you can look forward to an easier and hotter anal sexual experience. It is advisable that you use water-based lube to ensure the act is pleasurable for her and for yourself as well. The lube also ensures there is no pain.

You may also stimulate her by fingering her clit to heighten her pleasure. One thing you can be sure about is that anal escorts London listed on our Perslu page have experience and are open-minded, which explains why they are some of the most highly sought after.