Erotic massages – how to give your woman sensual erotic massage in 4 simple steps

Do you want to learn how to give your woman sensual erotic massages? You will find here easy guide which will teach you how to prepare and how to perform erotic massage.

Most people like sex, but the dynamic of a sensual massage is something different. It is all about her receiving pleasure from you. It does not matter whether it is due to relationship anniversary, lazy Sunday night or date. You both will forget about everything else. You will simply enjoy the actual moment.

Erotic massages – guide how to step by step

1.    Set the scene

Context is very important! Most women are very sensitive and they have sense for detail. In order for her to be able to completely relax the outer atmosphere has to accord to her senses.

How to set the scene:

  • Tidy up the room first – make sure the room is well cleaned (put away laundry, clean surfaces, etc.)
  • You should prefer to use candle light than lamp because they are more romantic
  • You might use few aromatic candles
  • Lay out soft pillows and blankets
  • Prepare few towels (nobody wants a mess)
  • Heat up the room enough
  • Use your sex toys (if you have some). Click here to find more about how to choose a vibrator.
  • Find some relaxing music on internet and prepare it to play
  • Turn off beeping electronics and remove all distractions (close window, turn off your mobile etc.)

2.    Prepare some oil

You should use a natural oil. Why? Because you will use it on outside and even inside of her skin. Skin of her private parts is very sensitive and some massage oils are simply too aggressive for using here.

Coconut oil works the best for massage. It is easy to use, cheap, you can heat it up and you can even use the rest for cooking. As it is coconut oil it has lovely smell of coconut of course.

Whether oil you will use, make sure it is comfortably warm to the touch of the skin. It is perfect if the oil is a little bit hot but not too much. If it gets cold, rub your hands together for about 5-10 seconds before putting them on her skin. You want her to feel comfortable, not shocked by cold massage oil.

3.    Use slow, smooth and fluent touch only

The key words are slow and smooth. Sensuality is about teasing, stimulating, and provoking the tension. You are there not to heal her chronic knee pain or her scoliosis. Your goal is to bring sensual feelings through your attention to her.

Slowly progress with pressure and intensity. If you are having a trouble to remain slow, try to pretend like she is sleeping and you are trying not to wake her up. Anyway it is fine if she does not fall asleep at any point during the massage. Still if this happens, do not take it personally. It just means that she felt relaxed – and that is a compliment for you.

Lay her down on her stomach then start the massage with long, smooth full-pal strokes up her back and down her arms and legs. Remember that practice makes perfect.

You will develop better palpation skill with more and more massages (palpation is how you detect problem areas and tension with your fingers). When you find a tight place, you might spend more time there to remedy it. Choose one spot and then slowly massage it with few fingers or (but very carefully) with elbow. This technique might be very satisfying but on the other hand also very intense and painful. Pay attention to her breathing for cues and exhalation. If she shows any kind of discomfort, immediately move to other part of her body.

4.    Do not forget to communicate!

Check once in a while if she feels fine, if the pressure is ok etc.

Some parts are more sensitive than other. She might want your massaging to change accordingly. Also ask her if there are any areas that are calling for more attention.

This kind of communication will help you both. She will enjoy it even more and you will know what works.

If you are planning massage of your partner on a holiday, you might be interested in other ways how to enhance your holiday sex-life.

If you are still reading, you are an amazing man a woman could ever hope to be with. Feel free to use everything you have learnt here to enjoy the time with your woman as much as possible. Erotic massage is very romantic and it will even strengthen your relationship.

If you find something useful or anything was not clear feel free to write us.