What are the best hygienic-tips followed by Prague escorts?

Prague escort is well-known for an outstanding hygiene-level.  There are some predominant hygiene-tips that need to be followed on a sincere note for gaining acute success in escort-profession.  Escorts of Prague not only maintain external polish but they maintain a great internal hygiene as well. Hygiene-maintenance is just not a habit but definitely a part of client-handling preparation for escorts.

Key hygiene tips:

  • High-end escorts from Prague always remain fresh in order to smell good. They not only apply branded perfumes but bathe properly on a regular basis in order to stay fresh from within. They always stay away from body-odor as that can be quite embarrassing in front of clients.
  • They use branded mouth-fresheners for freshening-up their mouths. These fresheners keep bad-breath away for whole day long. They keep handy fresheners in their bags so that they can use them before meeting clients face-to-face. These fresheners enable them receiving a great kissing experience.
  • For oral-hygiene, they use different kinds of useful dental-products so that bacterial-infections can be prevented. Escorts have got a multiple-times brushing habit and this habit has enhanced their oral-hygiene level to a great extent. They also visit the best dental-care clinic for having frequent oral check-ups.
  • They keep their intimate-parts absolutely fresh and clean for the sake of avoiding unwanted sweating. For keeping away sweating-odors they use strong deodorants with low chemical effects. Most escorts use essential-oils with soothing fragrances for keeping away sweating-odors.  Intimate-parts are regularly washed for proper cleaning. Intimate-parts are being carefully shaved for maintaining a perfect hygiene-level.
  • Escorts do not keep long nails for long and even if they keep long-nails then also the nails are being regularly cleaned. High-quality nail-polishes are used so that nail-texture does not get damaged at all. Nails are being filed well as sharp or uneven nails can often create dangerous situations. Since escorts attend regular appointments therefore they do not take any kind of risk with their clients.
  • The escorts wear only clean clothes. They do not repeat the same cloth as that can be quite a dangerous move. Lots of hygiene issues might arise due to same-cloth wearing without washing.

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