What Are Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs have become among the most populous sex toys today. Quite simply, the definition of a butt plug is a device that is inserted into the anus of men or women for pleasure. They are made in shapes, sizes and styles for the specific purpose of sexual pleasure. So, for those yearning for a prolonged period of anal stimulation, then the butt plug will be a great for you!

So, what are butt plugs for?

  • As a prerequisite for Anal Play

Whenever you insert a butt plug into your anal canal, the rectum gets primed for something bigger. And most people who have previously used a butt plug attest that using a butt plug prepares the rectum for anal play. Either upgrading to a penis or even a bigger sex toy, like an anal dildo, this prior plug insertion increases your chances of experiencing more pleasure and reduced pain in the course of anal play.

  • For Additional Pleasure

The anus posses a ton of nerve endings. That means stimulating it can give you much more sexual pleasure. This pleasant stimulation can be achieved while playing with yourself or your spouse.

However, it’s also recommended that one can use it for double penetration. You can leave it plugged in during oral sex, masturbation, vaginal intercourse, or even mutual masturbation.

  • It Enhances Submission

It’s little known that a butt plug can also be used a form of kink. And to be specific, people make use of them with submission. Yes, they can be utilized as a way for people who relish submission to explore feeling humiliated or even vulnerable in such a way that it gives them a ton of contentment.

What are the types of butt Plugs?

Now that you fathom the diverse functions of butt plugs, you probably would love to learn about their different designs. So, here are the various designs available.

  • The Vibrating Butt Plugs

These are amazing booty plugs that enables you to enjoy the buzz on top of the ‘fullness’. They come alongside a remote control or a button on its base that allow you to customize its use. While using this design, you experience sensational vibrations in your anal conduit.

  • Prostate Massagers

Now a very common anal toy for men, both gay and straight. These butt plugs are going in popularity as they are designed to stimulate the male G-Spot; the prostate. Advanced in technology have had manufactures creating shapes and designs that not only enhance male ejaculation, but also help men with impotence.

  • Inflatable Butt Plugs

These are booty plugs that can be inflated. They’re made of rubber. You can use a hand pump to puff them up as you prepare for some insertion.

  • Animal Tail Butt Plug

These are booty plugs that resemble the tails of a fox, rabbit or a cat. You just insert the plug and the animal tail hangs from your behind. These plugs are too whimsical and are best for roleplaying. However, you’ll need special attention in scouring them.

  • The Anal Dilators

These are plugs that begin small and gets larger. This connotes that you feel fuller whenever you move up in size. They’re ideal for anal sex or fisting preparation.

Bottom Line

At this point, you’re well informed about these anal stimulating devices. Whether you’d like to prepare for anal sex, or add pleasure, the butt plugs are your best bet. Nonetheless, you will equally become more submissive to your other half. Feel free to cherry-pick any of the above explored types. They’re all available in most online stores.